”… The voice of one crying in the wilderness…”

The prophet Isaiah spoke these words hundreds of years before it would be revealed who he was speaking of. In the Gospels we find that this statement was a prophecy about John the Baptist, the man sent to prepare a way for the ministry of Jesus Christ. Many people, including the “religious crowd” and the leaders of the time hated John, but he unapologetically proclaimed the truth- even unto death.

We are taking the opportunity to be a voice for truth in a vast wilderness full of lies disguised as tolerance and political correctness. We don’t claim to be John the Baptist, we are proclaiming the truth of Jesus and the Scriptures without fear.

The term “watchman” refers to the man whose duty it was to stand guard on the wall and warn the people when he saw trouble coming. If the watchman saw impending dangers, he had to act! It would be literally murder to not sound a warning. Despite the fact that the news would upset the normal way of life and though some would not heed the warning, the watchman did his duty.

The Watchman’s Voice is not here to argue… but to state truth, plain and simple. There will be those who disagree, and some will be offended. Though it’s not our intent to be controversial, it is our duty to tell the truth and let the chips fall where they may.